Taking the Plunge!

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately are goals and how sometimes when we want to do things we put them off because it’s never the right moment or time.  For a very long time I’ve been wanting to create a lifestyle blog that would carry me through college and into the real world.  Well after moving that plan to the back burner during college, now I’m graduating so I guess this is going to be a little more different than I originally planned.  Having to change that original plan is fine however this seems to be an ongoing occurrence in my life.  I make a plan or a goal but I never seem to follow through because as I said before it might not be the right time or convenient to do so.  But I think there might be much more to it than that, they’re excuses.  The little ‘reasons’ I gave myself as to explain why I never applied to that internship or started a blog were never reasons, they were excuses.  The reason why I needed excuses was because I was afraid, afraid of not living up to peoples expectations, afraid of disappointing myself, afraid to be a little uncomfortable, afraid to have to make hard decisions.  After being an advocate for one of my favorite organizations and attending their leadership summit twice, I have begun to live by one quote: “Jump First, Fear Later”. So this is me jumping in and finally just writing this post that I’ve planned to do for the past 4 years.

        So I’ve jumped, now what’s the plan?  Since my first plan for my blog will be expiring on May 18th as I graduate, this blog is going to be the slate that I chronicle my transition into the real world.  The most important aspect that I want to convey with this blog is our ability to make choices and decisions and how those choices and our actions impact others.  I’m a big advocate for organic, healthy living but also for making ethical decisions when we make purchases.  Somewhere someone is being impacted by that new purse or piece of jewelry you’re purchasing and I want this to be the place where you learn about your purchasing power and the ability you have to be an ethical or conscious consumer.  The reason I wanted to start this blog in college was because I knew that I would not have unlimited funds available to me and I still wanted to live a life of justice and ethical decisions despite monetary constraints.  Well, I’ll be graduating soon and there still is very little cash flow, so I guess the initial plan isn’t a total bust thanks to not having a full time job just yet!
You can expect to read reviews of different organizations, brands and products. You will also find the typical lifestyle blog posts about organization, crafting, budgeting, relationships and cooking.  I’m sure that I will add posts beyond those things but there’s just a few you can expect. I plan on posting at the minimum once a week but it will probably become more. I do have many things planned for this blog so please check back soon!



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