Turning Over a New Leaf: A Season of Gratitude

Turning Over a New Leaf A Season of Gratitude

With the coming of bright sunrise colored leaves, chilled breezes and the layers of warm sweaters is a season that people often associate with shorter days and the end of the freedom of summer. To me, fall is a new season in my life that I can turn over a new brightly colored leaf. I can have another go at the goals that I didn’t quite meet over the summer or use the time to work towards new ones. This season in particular will be extra significant because it’s my first autumn out of school.  It’ll be very different and present its own adventures but I’m incredibly excited. I swear it’s not just because this is my favorite season!

My goals for autumn range from silly and typical fall adventures to meaningful and thoughtful plans for making myself a better, well rounded person. Of course I want to go apple and pumpkin picking, sit by a bonfire while drinking cider and run around in falling leaves. But this season I want to become a more positive and loving person.

Gratitude Journal

Every day we fill our lives with complaints; your morning commute was rough, a line is taking too long, your house is dirty, your coffee is wrong, you can’t afford new boots, the list goes on and on. In January it was my goal to write down things that I was grateful for, no matter how little or small. Unfortunately I stopped and I honestly cannot tell you the reason why other than ” I got too busy” but that’s not an excuse because I make time in my life to complain. Well this autumn I’m making time to be appreciative, to be grateful and acknowledge all the good in my life.

I have many more goals and maybe in another post I’ll share those as well but for now i challenge you to be more grateful. Every day I will be writing down 5-10 things at I am grateful for and at the end of the week I will be posting my highlights to share with each of you. Take this journey with me and post your highlights either in the comments or on your blog, I would love to read them!


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