My Gratitude List

I meant to post this on Sunday but since I was blessed with a surprise, I didn’t have the time. I’ll explain the surprise in a follow up post. So here it goes, the highlights of my gratitude lists. Some may seem very simple and typical but I truly am grateful for them and they aren’t too personal to share online.

1. I am grateful that I have someone to give me a big hug when I get home from work, especially when it was a rough day.
2.  I’m grateful that my fiance is so sweet that he drives me to work every morning just so we can cuddle for an extra 30 minutes and I don’t have to take an hour long bus ride.
3. I am grateful that I was able to get a full time salaried position in my field upon graduating from college.
4. I am grateful that we are living in an apartment that is not only within budget but also is clean and managed fairly well.
5. I am grateful that I was able to see my best friend Kathleen this past weekend. She brightens my day in such a way that cannot be replicated by someone else.
6. I am grateful that my mother and grandmother’s taught me homemaker skills. You would not believe how many people do not know how to properly boil pasta! With this I am also grateful that my father and grandfather’s had taught me how to fix cars and things around the house. I am self sufficient.
7. I am grateful that I have such a loving family. Even the family members that I don’t talk to often know when to come in my time of need.
8. I am grateful that I had enough money to treat myself to a coffee today.
9. I’m grateful that my coworkers can tolerate me on my most stressful days.
10. I’m grateful that Conor did the dishes for me when I was to tired/lazy to.

Please share your lists with me! You can also expect my next highlight list to be posted in a few days on Sunday.


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