Shared Gratitude

I shared my blog post with my fiance and he was ecstatic that I have decided to do this everyday and share my lists with you all on the weekend. I do struggle through recovery daily with a mental illness so he thought this would be a great exercise I could do throughout my recovery process and I agree. Sometimes you get so sucked into all the negative thoughts that go through your head, its hard to see the glimmer of things that make life so worth living. My fiance is so incredibly supportive that he decided to share some things that he is grateful for. Below I’ve listed five gratitude highlights from my week and five of his (I’ll have an asterisk next to his).

1. I am grateful that I have people around me that support me in my recovery process and do not judge me when I have tough days.
2. I am grateful that I have blankets and a heater in my home that I can quickly grab or turn on when it gets chilly, some people don’t have this and I too often forget.
3. I am grateful that I have so many ways that I can get in touch with my family. Getting a goodnight message from my mom really makes me smile before I head to bed.
4. I am grateful for this restful weekend, I know the next few weeks will be a little hectic and crazy but I’m so grateful I had a moment to breathe.
5. I’m grateful that I have the skill of organization, I know that my job would be much more stressful and harder if I was not.
6*. I’m grateful for our adventure at the wedding day expo. It’s exciting to plan for our future big steps.
7*. I’m grateful that my THP1 cells grew which will help me finish my thesis.
8*. I’m grateful that I got accepted to such a great school, and hope to be accepted into it once again as a DO student.
9*. I’m grateful for going grocery shopping this weekend and having healthy and whole food available to us.
10*. I’m grateful for having a roof over our head and sharing our first home together.

When it comes to my writing or projects I’m very shy and reluctant to share but I’m glad that I did share with my fiance. We were able to have a deep conversation connecting to one another discussing the small things that matter to us. I encourage you to share things that you’re grateful for with a friend, a partner or a family member; or let someone know how much you appreciate them and are grateful for the things they do for you.


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