Our Thanksgiving Split

For many young couples there is always the holiday sharing struggle. This year Conor and I have decided to part ways this Thanksgiving and spend the day at our respective families homes. It makes me sad that we won’t be spending this holiday together but we have to do what will make our families happy. Christmas will be a little different though, we will be spending Christmas Eve at my parent’s house where all my grandparents will be coming along with my Aunt’s and a few more family members and friends. Christmas morning we will open gifts, eat breakfast and then drive down to Long Island to spend the rest of Christmas day with his family. Last year he did spend Thanksgiving with my family because that’s just what his school schedule allowed him to do and for all other holiday’s we mostly spent them apart.

Our Thanksgiving Split

I’m having a lot of anxiety leaving him this time though. This year has been a big year for us as we moved in together and began making our “home”. Now with the impending snow storm, I have just a little more to worry about. I’m so glad that our President at my job decided to close the office today a little after noon. Now rather than leaving after 6pm like we originally planned, we should be on the highway driving to Bushkill by 1pm. I have never driven during holiday traffic so I’m praying that the drive goes quickly and safely, especially after Conor drops me off at my house and he continues his trip to Long Island.

The better side to this is that I get to spend Thanksgiving with my family and I’m so thankful that we’ll be there for the most part. My grandparents are driving all the way from South Carolina to be with us and I’m so excited to see them. This Thanksgiving is also another one spent with my father. I’m very open about this because I like to think that if I talk about a struggle maybe I can help someone else who is going through something similar. The very condensed story is that my father was diagnosed with brain cancer while I was in college. He is thankfully doing very well and every chance that I have to spend another holiday and moment with him is something to be so gracious for.

Even though Conor and I are parting ways this holiday and I’m very anxious about it; I do get to spend it with family that I love and miss dearly. I’m really curious how other couples split up the holidays, please let me know how your family handles holiday sharing. I also want to hear what you all are doing and where you’re going for the holidays this year! I hope you all have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!


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