Sit Back and Open Your Eyes

Sit Back and Open Your Eyes

I have been writing so many posts this week for this blog but I keep saving them to my drafts folder. They keep getting set aside because there’s so much I want to write or I want to keep reading them over and over again because I need to get the post just right given the nature of the content. I get so caught up sometimes that I lose joy and wonder in things, it’s almost like I get tunnel vision and forget to look at what is around me. I’m leaving you with this incredibly short post and photograph to remind you to look up and really take in what is around you. Being snowed in for Thanksgiving made me look around and see how much beauty is in the world. Even if it’s just as simple as your own snow covered front yard. I really want to hear from you, tell me below about a time you were so blown away by beauty in the world. I know that driving to school one day I was in tears over the beauty around me that one morning.


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