Our Christmas Guardian

One of the most important parts of Christmas for me is the opportunity to be with my family and friends. Even if I don’t get to physically see them, I either talk to them on the phone or online and catch up. Each year though my heart breaks when there are missing loved ones because they’ve moved on to be with our Lord. I know they’re in a better place but they’re missed and it hurts a lot some days. I always pray and light candles for them so they aren’t forgotten and so they have a presence during the celebrations.

Our Christmas Guardian

This year, Conor and I lost someone very important to us and the presence of them was incredibly missed during Thanksgiving. I’m not ready to share the story about her yet but I know that Christmas will be very difficult on both Conor and I. Together we decided that the best way to honor her and keep her in our lives is to create a special ornament. We consider her to be our newest guardian angel. Since it’s Christmas we had an abundance of angel ornaments to choose from but nothing seemed just right for us. After wandering the craft store for a few hours to my enjoyment and Conor’s boredom (he has a short attention span for makeup aisles, clothes shopping and anything craft/wedding related) we found a few things that would create something so perfect for her memory.

Our Christmas Guardian

We picked out clear glass ornament balls (they only came in a six pack so we have some extras), white feathers, ribbon and fake glittery snow. The feathers we found were so white, soft and perfect. We wrapped the pink ribbon around the ornament like a gift and glued it all together at the top. We then made a makeshift funnel to get the snow inside but I made an incredible mess. I don’t think that working so hard to make a paper funnel was worth it honestly with the mess that I made. After we had too much snow on the inside of the ornament we carefully placed the feather inside the ball and tied the red ribbon on the top of the ornament so it could be hung on the tree. I love the ornament but I wonder if I added too much stuff and should have left the snow out. Either way I’m really happy with it and I think it’s a perfect addition to our tree and a perfect way to remember our guardian angel. Do any of you have special decorations or ornaments for loved ones? Share with me what you did.

Our Christmas Guardian

Our Christmas Guardian


One thought on “Our Christmas Guardian

  1. It’s a beautiful memorial ornament! We have a couple that I’ve made and another that my mother in law gave us. One is a ceramic booty I painted purple with her initial,L, in pink. Then I made one using the handprint dough I got the year I found out I was pregnant with Lillian. I put her initial in the middle and made wings on either side. That one has a special stand where we hang it. The holidays are always a tough time but we now have something special we made to remember.

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