Just for World Changers: Sevenly Causebox

Sevenly Causebox: A Monthly Subscription

For awhile now I’ve been seeing friends and other bloggers talking and posting about different monthly subscription boxes. If you haven’t heard of these yet, they’re a subscription service you sign up for and in exchange of a monthly payment and you’ll get a box filled with goodies delivered to your house each month (depending on the service). Some subscription boxes you get to keep everything and others (usually clothing ones) you pick out what you want and return the rest. They have boxes for dogs, healthy food, makeup, razors and pretty much anything you can think of…even socks. After seeing all these fun boxes and the items my friends have been receiving I really wanted to sign up! After going through tons of different types, brands and prices, I gave up looking. I didn’t find one that particularly resonated with me. I stopped looking at these boxes for a couple of months until I received an email from Sevenly about their Causebox.

Sevenly Causebox: A Monthly Subscription

Sevenly was founded in 2011 by four people who shared the mission of leading a generation toward generosity. Based on a core belief that “People Matter,” they began a journey to do their part in helping to change the world for the better. Activating the “cause art” movement worldwide, Sevenly began by creating 7-day cause campaigns, inviting customers to purchase products that gave $7 to a weekly charity. Now widely recognized as one of the nation’s leading “social good” companies, mashable.com just named Sevenly “America’s most social business” and “one of the Top 10 Stories in the First 10 Years of Facebook.”

I’ve purchased products from Sevenly in the past and have been very happy with both their product and business practices. So I’m incredibly excited that they’re creating their own subscription box called Causebox. The purpose is to not only introduce you to great new brands but introduce you to brands that are making a difference in the world. I try to as often as I can to buy from fair trade companies or companies that support sustainable programs in underdeveloped or poverty stricken communities and regions. I believe that each decision that we make as a consumer can leave either a positive or negative impact upon the world and upon our brothers and sisters that inhabit it. I cannot buy everything fair trade or sustainably made, it’s just not in my budget and some things are very difficult to find. But for things like jewelry, scarves, bags, stationary and a few others, I really do my best to purchase from these companies.

Sevenly Causebox: A Monthly Subscription

The way that Causebox works is a little bit different than typical subscription boxes. First, it is a quarterly box so you’re billed either quarterly or once a year. I found the cost to be more than affordable for my budget. I will typically spend at least $50 a month on random unbudgeted items, so if I just tighten by budget and utilize control when I’m out shopping I can easily afford $50 quarterly for these socially conscious brands and products. The products are all well made and average together to be worth more than $150 per box. Included in the price of the subscription is a $7 donation to a charity of your choice or you could have Sevenly choose one for you. I choose to have them choose so I get to learn about an extra charity every three months. Included with all your fantastic new products is a small “reveal card”, this card explains everything you need to know as a consumer about all these new products and brands you’re being introduced to; including why Sevenly choose the product and how it’s bettering our global community.

Sevenly Causebox: A Monthly Subscription

I haven’t received my first box yet but because this is the launch, Sevenly decided to give us a sneak peak into what is in the first Causebox. I have to say I’m so antsy waiting for the arrival of my first box. Once I do receive it I’ll make sure I let you all know what I think and share what the products are. If you’re interested in signing up for a subscription, you can find it here.

This post does contain affiliate links to Causebox, I was not approached by Sevenly to write a post or promote their product. I found this product on my own and wanted to share with my readers. 

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