Moving Along: Steps Towards Medschool

Moving Along Steps Towards Medschool. Slowly things are coming together for both Conor and I. The process of applying and interviewing for medschools is a long and challenging one. Here's where we are in this journey

The days and weeks following the holidays have honestly put us into a slump. Conor has been impatiently awaiting news concerning his applications and I’ve been slowly getting back into the motions of work. At this point its been a few months since Conor sent in his medschool applications and supplemental information but we haven’t really heard back from any of the schools. Everyday I do my best to build him up and reassure him that everything will come together in the end; it’s stressful on me and I’m incredibly proud with how strong he has been with the amount of pressure upon him. Last week was a difficult one but we kept hoping and some amazing news finally came on Friday. Conor was invited for an interview at his top school and we couldn’t be more excited or happier.

With his first interview upon us, this whole journey is beginning to really come together and take form. I have no doubt in my mind that he will get into a medschool and I have no doubt that he will become a doctor. I know that it won’t be an easy journey for him so this is the time that I’m reminded of what I need to provide my partner: encouragement, support, understanding and love.

There will be days that he will doubt himself, that he will believe that beginning this journey was a mistake and a burden on our family. These will be the days that I hold him and remind him of the reasons why he choose this path long ago. These will be the days that I remind him how intelligent he is, how hard of a worker he has always been and how well he will do in the future. On the days that he’s feeling the pressure I’ll be there to help him carry his burdens. The days that he’s overwhelmed or upset, I will sit and listen to what he has to say. I know that he’s not always looking for advice but sometimes just one person who understands and will give him the time. Each and everyday is one that I’ll spend loving every bit of him. Reminding him that I will always be there no matter where these steps may take us.

We are finally beginning to move along in this journey and it will be quite a trek but it’s always worth it alongside him.


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