What’s Inside My Purse

Choosing Human reveals what she keeps in her purse!

Today I thought that I would share a sneak peak into my purse. In college I was the girl who would carry huge FEED project totes around everywhere filled too much stuff. These totes are my absolute favorite; for every bag purchased meals are provided to people in need all around the world. Lauren Bush and Ellen Gustafson created the first FEED bag with the plan of creating a product that would feed the world while utilizing natural materials and a sustainable fair labor production plan which included providing jobs and a skill set to women in developing countries. FEED has provided over 87,000,000 meals to those in need since its’ creation back in 2007.

feed projects

My favorite tote by FEED was always the FEED 2 Bag. It has the iconic burlap, with FEED logo and is also reversible which was great because who doesn’t love two bags for the price of one! I would fill this bag with so much and the handles or straps would never stretch out or begin to tear. If you wanted a bag that could carry the amount of things that Hermione did in her purse, but not have to worry about conjuring an extension charm, this is the bag for you.


This bag was a conversation started and if you do purchase one be prepared to have people stare at you. I was so caught off guard while waiting for the train one day because people kept looking at me and I realized that they were trying to read the print on my bag: “FEED the children of the world” with the WFP (World Food Program) logo below it. After graduating college it was time to retire my FEED bag not only because the burlap started to wear after 7 years (which isn’t really an issue if I would just turn it inside out) but because it wasn’t the bag I should be schlepping to and from really important business meetings. I will be purchasing a more business friendly one shortly though, if you want to see the two I’m deciding between look at the end of this post!

whats in my purse

For Christmas my grandmother bought me this beautiful Kate Spade purse, she wanted me to have something professional and smaller to force me into carrying less. Here’s what you;’ll find in my purse:

+ Sparkly Notebook
I love this notebook, it is complete covered in sparkles so as you can imagine I adore it. This notebook is filled with blog post ideas, scribbles and notes. I need this on me at all times because if I have an idea and don’t physically write it down I’ll never remember it again. I for some reason don’t utilize the notes section in my phone, it just doesn’t work for me.

+ Moleskin
This is my pondering journal, it holds anything and everything. It was a notebook for a class at one point, my blog launch idea pad, a doodle book for potential logos and a scribble sheet for photography project ideas. It also has rose petals from Italy and ticket stubs from some terrible movies hidden inside.

+ Pens
Ever since I could remember, I was always a writing utensil hoarder. I still have a pen that I love from elementary school, that’s how badly I hoard pens. I fortunately got into the habit of throwing away pens that don’t work anymore so my collection has gotten smaller thank goodness. I still carry around multiple types and colors of pens though. Two here are regular black pens, one is a red Le Pen, and the pink one in the middle is my favorite. It has white crystals and writes so smoothly!

+ Mascara
If I had to choose to only have one item from my makeup purse to use the rest of my life it would be mascara. I find myself always rushing out the door and forgetting to put it on or I’m always touching my eyes and it rubs off. This is a must have in my purse.

+ Sweetriot Candy
I typically have either an apple or a banana in my purse and sometimes a KIND bar but this week I totally had a sweet tooth! After getting the sweetriot treats in my Causebox I went out and bought more of their delectable chocolate.

+ Cell Phone
I cannot leave without my phone, I am someone who is always “adventuring”, my fancy way of saying lost so I really need it around in case I need to be picked up. And let’s be honest here, I’m a chronic instagrammer.

+ Wallet
Standard wallet to hold all the money that I don’t spend. 😉

+ Sseko Wallet
I use this perfect sized Sseko wallet to help me organize small things like my lipstick, chapstick and baby perfumes. Another fantastic item from my Causebox! Read about it here!

+ Lipstick & Chapstick
I always carry lipstick or chapstick, it gets so windy in the city that my lips will get dried out and sad looking if I don’t have these on standby.

+ Hair Ties
I always lose or misplace my hair ties and since my hair is so long I really need to have extra of these around. These ones are really great for your hair, they soft and don’t get tangled so you don’t have to worry about broken ends! I bought these at the Loft.

+ Warby Parker Sunglasses
I am obsessed with Warby Parker. I cannot get enough sunglasses or prescription glasses from them! The one pair of sunglasses were made special for Invisible Children and on the side they say “Do More Than Just Watch”. A pair of glasses from Warby Parker is a must have for any World Changer or Global Citizen.

+ Flash Drive
I like to have these on hand, you never know when you might need one, especially as an event’s manager.

Below are the two bags that I’m trying to decide between to purchase for work, let me know which one is your favorite! Also let me know what you carry in your purse or what you think I’m missing from mine!

2893_2 (1)3857_2

*This is not a sponsored post for FEED and this post does not contain any affiliate links. I just wanted to share one of my favorite brands with you!*


3 thoughts on “What’s Inside My Purse

  1. Are Sweetriot candies vegan? And gorgeous Kate Spade purse. I’d love one myself. Lot of nice bags are made of leather unfortunately. I tried looking up this bag on Amazon but couldn’t find. Is it leather?

  2. Thanks. Can I ask if you’re vegan? I think I read in your ‘I’ve never..’ that you’ve been vegan for the last 5 years. It’s a tough transition for me. So many temptations out there. I’ve got the vegan diet thing pretty much down, and it’s been almost 10 years; and not cold turkey. From being vegetarian into taking milk products out, then finally the good-old eggs. But I have to admit, finding a great shoes that’s not leather had been a real challenge. So, I keep trying. Anyway, thanks again for your advice.

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