Puppy Love

Puppy Love

There was never a moment in my life that I didn’t have some sort of furry friend. I don’t like to use the word pet so much because I really believe that they become friends. Either way I had a ton of different animals throughout my life, bunnies, birds, fish, a chipmunk that I saved; but I always had dogs. It is incredible how attached you become to animals and the relationship you nurture with them as you get older. Growing up I don’t think I ever had less than two dogs at a time along with another random animal. Since middle school we’ve turned having three dogs into the standard for our family and haven’t had less since. Right now my family owns a German Shepherd Wolf Mix who is named Joker, a Chocolate Lab Rottie Terrior Mix named Ubots and Louis the Chihuahua who is my puppy. I call him my puppy but he’s not so much anymore, I got him 9 years ago when he was only a few months old.


When I went to college I had such a difficult time adjusting to not having my puppies that I went to the bio lab and rescued gold fish. For those of you who think fish don’t make great companions you’re half right. I loved my Jeffrey and Bubbles, they would play games like tag with each other, they would follow my finger on the outside of the tank and I could “hand” feed them. As fun and as cute as they were they just were not cute and cuddly as puppies. Now that I’ve graduated college and I only see our dogs and my Louie when I visit home I really would like to get another dog. I can’t bring Louie to my apartment because he is so used to playing with the other dogs and having a big family around him that I think he would become heart broken and so lonely with me. It’s also probably really important to mention that my apartment is not pet approved even though there are plenty of people with pets here.


In October I will be either renewing my lease or finding a new place and I really hope that I have the opportunity to find a place that allows animals. Conor will have started medschool(praying!) and so while he’s at school and in the library studying for hours on end I’m going to get lonely. So having a dog will allow me to have someone around and someone that I could take running with me in the park so I’m not alone. Dogs have been known to offer health benefits to their owners like lower blood pressure, increase happiness and lower stress. I have a job that is always stressing me out and Conor will be in the midst of medschool (I will not even be able to comprehend the stress he’ll go through) so having a dog that doubles as therapy sounds like a fantastic idea. If I’m feeling down I can go get some puppy kisses, play or go for a walk.


It sounds like such a great idea but then I think about how I have a full time job and then I feel bad. If no one is home who is going to play with our dog, walk him and just take care of him? I’m not even concerned about him possibly tearing up stuff I’m more concerned about his emotional well being. I cannot afford a puppy sitter and if I were to get a dog I would love to adopt and I would hate to take a neglected dog just to put them in a home to be lonely during most of the day. My family had three dogs but my mother was a homemaker so our dogs were only home alone only a handful of hours but also always had each other to play with. If anyone has a dog and everyone in the house has a full time job please let me know how you managed this! I find it so hard to imagine that he wouldn’t get lonely and sad.

If you have experience please share it with me!


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