An All New Choosing Human

Coming this weekend you’ll find some major changes. I’ve been working really hard on developing a better space for Choosing Human after all the support you all have given me. I was going to wait until the website was completely finished with a new logo and all but I’m too excited to wait. Choosing Human will no longer be located at this address, you’ll be able to find it at (though it won’t be live until Sunday, March 15th). You can also expect scheduled posts from me every Tuesday and Thursday but I’ll add a few extras on occasion so keep checking in! This site is not 100% complete, so you may see little changes here and there after the launch.

I will also begin offering space for ads for other bloggers and companies. For the time being these spaces will be FREE, so if you are interested please feel free to contact me. I do withhold the right to deny ad space if I feel they aren’t appropriate(I highly doubt this will be an issue). I’m super excited and hope you all enjoy the new space!


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