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Choosing Human

Hey there! Welcome to Choosing Human. This is a lifestyle blog about my transition to the “real world” while living an ethical, sustainable and justice driven life. My name is RachelMarie and I’m a twenty-two year old recent college graduate, a global citizen and I just happen to be engaged to my best friend.

I hope that you’ll grab your favorite cup of fair trade coffee and stay awhile. Choosing Human isn’t just another lifestyle blog though, its become something so much more. I believe in living life fearlessly, compassionately, and intentionally. I want you to leave my blog with the intention of living your life freely, fully and ethically.

An incredible person told me once that “Your life is bigger than your best dream for it”, so go out there and discover what it is. I thrive when I’m most true to myself, I thrive when I go against the grain. It’s uncomfortable sometimes but when has any incredible story taken place inside someones comfort zone. This blog is my story and it’s not filled with big adventures just yet but they’ll happen. Your story is unique to you and I want you to share it with me and I want you to become a part of mine.


4 thoughts on “Meet Me

  1. I love this! My blog holds the same idea, the awkward post grad adventures. Keep on blogging, I love finding such relatable blogs as I’m sure others do to. If you’re interested in doing a guest blog, email me at and we can talk further!

    • Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog, I’ll absolutely be heading over to yours when I get home from work tonight. It is awkward! You’re stuck between leaving college and then all of a sudden your friends are getting married, having kids, what is this post grad life?! 😉 But really I’m glad you commented so I can see your blog, there’s so many mom blogs I felt like I needed someone to relate to that isn’t there yet so I made my own. If there are any other related blogs that you could recommend I would love to know. I will be in touch with you!

  2. Love this! Sometimes I feel like living ethically and freely aren’t even the norm any more. One friend I was talking to said “if you want to be in the business world you’re going to have to be cut-throat” to which I said “why?!” When there’s so many people around with that mentality it can get draining trying not to get bogged down with it all, which is why I love finding blogs/people like you who offer inspiration and stories to remind us all to stay on that path of compassion and stepping out of our comfort zones!

    • Hi Maria! Thanks for reading! I agree with you its not the norm and it seems like not too many aspire for that anymore. I’m not in the business realm but my office is draining mentally. There is no creativity or encouragement of collaboration, it is draining! But the best way to rejuvenate yourself if to come up for air and enjoy life, find joy in everything!

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